December 26, 2016


Cool update coming soon....

for now, you can find me here:
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btw, this is my 100th post. 

June 25, 2014


There's a pile of letters and postcards on my desk in which I never got to. Most are over a year old and I feel really bad for abandoning my penpals like that.
I'll be sending postcards out to all my penpals who I have received a letter or postcard within the last 12 months. Time to get the snail mail ball rolling again.

April 16, 2014


Well hey there stranger!

I can't believe that my last entry was almost a year ago!
Last year was a tough one. I did a lot of soul searching and thinking...and partying. I definitely acquired a lot of crazy stories from my adventures last year. It was tiring.

Life has started to settle back down though and I'm glad it has. I removed the negativity in my life, I've been accomplishing goals, feeling 100x better, Tim is back in my life, and everything else is just really really great right now.
School is pretty much done with. I've been taking some art classes for the fun of it, which are keeping me a little more busy than I had anticipated but that's okay.
My online business has grown to become almost like a real job. And the best so far is that I became a vendor at the local antique mall! It has always been a dream of mine and I finally accomplished it this year. It's been a lot of hard work and I'm still learning the ropes but I'm really happy with my little shop. 

I do plan on getting back to snail mail and all that soon. I miss it very much.

I'm just so excited about life right now.

June 6, 2013


Hi. It's been a while. 

I'm on a mission for positive thinking, creating positive things and striving for happiness. It's taken me half a year to realize that this goal is not easy and there's still days where I rather just sleep all day and not think of anything. Things are getting better though, recently I have found myself having more good days than bad and smiling more...of course my anxiety gets in the way sometimes but it passes.

So since my last post I have met some great people, gone on many adventures, one step closer to finishing school, and found some hope.
I know I haven't updated about mail in a long time but I have been working on it and keeping track of everything. I haven't forgotten about Mail Art 365.

Since my last post, here is most of my outgoing mail...



February 15, 2013


I haven't been posting a lot but I have been catching up with all my mail (after buying $40 worth of stamps) and attempting to maybe finish 365 Mail Art this year. I am currently in #60.

Here is some of the outgoing mail from the last month;

Last month I was also notified that I was in an art exhibit called "The Unexpected Art in Transit". It was in Florida but still really cool!

January 14, 2013


                                                       This year has started off pretty great.

So far I have been to San Francisco, took the metrolink to LA all by myself and yesterday I finally went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It was literally heaven on earth. I was so overwhelmed that I almost left empty handed.

Good things are happening...even my fortune from last night's dinner said so,

January 6, 2013


“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier'...” ― Alfred Tennyson

Where did I go?

I don't know what happened these last couple of months but my desire to do the things I love completely escaped me. It's a new year though and I am trying hard to get back into the swing of things.

My mail pile is massive and if you've sent me something within the last 3..even 4 months than I am so sorry for not responding but I will eventually.

This year I plan on getting things done. I want to finish projects I abandoned last year and start new ones. I want to start blogging again and keeptrack of all my mail. I want to start painting again and making things. I want to do a lot of stuff.

I hope this year brings good things. My jar is ready to be filled.

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