June 30, 2012


Does this count as the biggest postcard I have ever received? I think so! It's from Trick Sensei, a member of IUOMA I believe. He has motivated me to build my screen printing press....or should I say, motivated me to start pushing Tim to build it for me.

back side...

So on my I Love Snail Mail tumblr (http://ilovesnailmail.tumblr.com/) I started a weekly postcard giveaway. Each Friday I will pick someone to send a postcard to. Very simple, just sign up and I'll randomly choose someone. 
Made a page on here just for that...(I've also added it on to my side panel)


June 28, 2012


I turned this stack ....

Into this...

I decided to use some of the Bonjour Mon Nom Est labels for my mail.  I am selling a pack of 5 labels here
I know I'll probably end up using them all in the end lol.

So today I received a Priority Box! My post man didn't think much of it since I always have weird things being delivered at my house.
Here's the link to this project:   http://www.fdlmstudio.com/PriorityBoxes.html

I think it was a pretty good mail day today, fun mail outgoing and incoming plus some great finds at the thrift store!

June 22, 2012


Yesterday my family and I scheduled a tour at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in Ft. Irwin. We ended up getting lost inside Ft. Irwin and being were an hour late to our tour. It was so embarrassing but we ended up getting a private tour in the end. I guess it's really interesting if you're into that kinda stuff, we just went because my brother enjoys it.

We got to go inside of it and in the tunnels.

Personally, I was more excited I caught this guy on camera...

Then we headed to Vegas since we were already half way there. It was 108' degrees so we stayed in the casinos. My brother and I found $10 in quarters! 

So aside from my very short/spontaneous road trip, I have been really good at keeping up with my incoming and outgoing mail. 
Today I received this from someone in Russia (was it from someone who reads this blog?). It was such a nice surprise. I love the leaf, it's hard to believe its autumn on the other side of the world right now.

 My boyfriend's parents sent me so many postcards! Two are from Nevada, a Northern California one and two vintage ones from different areas here in California.

So even though I am still working very hard on my Mail Art 365 project, I am always interested in new projects. I have come across this amazing mail project called Dear Teacher 
It is like postsecret but with a twist! It is " an ongoing mail art project offering people the opportunity to express feelings which often go unsaid between students and their teachers"

They also have a tumblr!

June 19, 2012


Outgoing mail for this week which includes #34 /365 (Piece of my art)

I also wanted to show off this piece that I receive today from a folllower on tumblr. It's so amazing! It's like a postcard AND a letter at the same time! Very creative.

Some of the mail art I have been creating this week (mod podge does not reflect so well)

June 17, 2012


Incoming mail from this week,

Another great package from Mary..Thank you! I have already started filling out the book.

Most of the postcards, aside from the one with the kid and the moose (which are from a swapbot swap) are from my boyfriend's parents who went on a trip to Nevada this past week. They know I love postcards!

I have been working on my outgoing mail so I don't have anything to show for it right now. However today I got to organize my room and got new shelves. I had everything on the floor and all over the place but I love how neat my room looks like now...I wonder how long it will last.

All the boxes and photo albums are full with letters and postcards I have received since 2007!

June 13, 2012


5 years of being an art student creates a really big portfolio of stuff. At first I thought I had enough to start selling but after sitting down and figuring out what I want to keep, sell, make copies..I realized I don't want to part OR share most of it. Most of my work consist of my animals or I just don't think people would care for it. My paintings are all on large canvases that I am still figuring out how to make prints of. Also, my mother claims all my paintings as hers so I can never sell originals. 
Anyways, here are some that I have decided to let go...

"Eye of the Amoeba" (linocut)

"Fern in Texture" (collograph..or collagraph)

"Solar Flower" (screenprint)

I've sold and given away most of my Matroyshka (Babushka) Prints but I found some more so it's back up for sale...
"Matroyshka" (screenprint)

All my work can be found at:

I'll be adding more throughout the summer.

June 11, 2012


This was a busy weekend.
Saturday I had a graduation/18th Birthday Party to go to which I wasn't really looking forward to because it was going to be boring but it turned out well. They had a candy bar! amazing and a free photo booth that my mother went crazy and we took way too many pictures. We're still waiting for the company to upload them. Sunday was the annual JPL Open House..it was like Disneyland for nerds. Lines were way too long and not worth the wait.

It was a very good mail weekend though!

Outgoing mail:

 Incoming mail:

 what was inside the package, it was from a swapbot swap.

So this week I made quite a bit of money from my shops. I sold a stack of old books my brother bought at the local library a while ago. While I was skimming through them before I packed them I found this old envelope!
It was from Anaheim, Ca. which isn't that far from here. Look how cheap postage was! It's not even that cheap to send a postcard nowadays!

June 8, 2012


School is over! I feel so free :)

Incoming  mail from this week

I received this free pin after joining Disney Movie Rewards

Surprise package from Mary :)

so Summer has officially started for me. There are so many things I want to do but today I started with organizing /decluttering my room. I wanted to rearrange it but after I found a daddy long leg spider nest with millions...well okay, maybe hundreds, of baby spiders on a coin purse that fell behind my dresser I decided moving furniture around can wait. 

After receiving a package from my pen pal Mary I was motivated to make a pile of things I don't really need anymore. At first, I thought I would have a huge pile but it turns out I have a hard time getting rid of things. What if I find a use for them or need them later? *Thoughts of hoarder* 

I joined a couple of destashing swaps on swap-bot but maybe i'll have few giveaways. Like maybe every week I'll send out a surprise package to a lucky winner..

some of the stuff I have: new pencils, stickers, note pads, fabrics, hello kitty stuff, notecards, erasers, earrings, A new pair of fake eyelashes (I have no idea how I acquired this but they're brand new and I don't care for them), ribbon, books, keychains, etc...

June 3, 2012


It was yard sale weekend throughout the I.E.
Claremont was having their annual city yard sale next to my brother's school. Unfortunately, it was really empty compared to past years. I still got some pretty cool things. My mother and I usually seek out yard sales for clothes and things we could resell online so most of the stuff I got was to resell. However, I did pick up some postcards at one stand. They were 4 for $.25. I regret not getting more!

Yard sales are also known for all the free stuff people throw out (I'll be driving around the neighborhood tonight to look for boxes that say "FREE STUFF") I got this map for free. I am thinking of using it to mark all the places I get mail from. Also, my cat enjoys sitting on paper and this huge map caught her eye.

 more free stuff, owl recipe cards and a game that looks really complicated and will most likely be used for mail art.

We found a couple of Estates Sales which are always the best! However, the reason why they're estate sales is because the owners are either moving or have passed away. In this case, the lady passed away. They had the entire house open and you could walk in to all the room and EVERYTHING had a price on it. I think we cleaned out the entire house. 
Some of the things I will be keeping to myself,

$2 for all the purses!

Inside of the Minnie Mouse tote was an old ticket stub from the 1989 L.A. County Fair. I thought it was pretty cool since it is also my birth year. It was meant to be.

We also went to another Estate sale where all the had was owl stuff. Owl figurines, owl pictures, owl this and that but they were soo pricey! I did pick up a stack of vintage postcards though...
They're mostly all from Monterey California and nearby areas.

So my momma-in-law also went yard sale hunting and got me buttons! I love her!

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