October 29, 2011


Happy Halloween Weekend Everyone!

I love love LOVE halloween and I am a bit bummed out I'll be missing out on Monday but it's ok.

Tim and I will have 3 years together on Halloween so to celebrate us and my admissions to RCC, I decided to give my "culinary" skills a try..

I made him a red velvet pumpkin shape cake with recess pieces. I had some left over so i made some ghost shape cupcakes for my family and I.
I hope he likes it!

October 1, 2011


It is officially October!
October means Halloween! which means really awesome swapbot swaps!
So I did (almost) all my Halloween shopping tonight at the Dollar Store. I swear, I could spend hours and almost all my money there...

 I really love Halloween, ok? I need to pick up more candy but I’ll wait until they come on sale. Going to start making my Halloween cards and working on a whimsey jar swap.
October also means Tim’s and I’s 3 year anniversary ON HALLOWEEN! Too bad it’ll be on a Monday and we both have evening classes. Later today, since its already 2am, we are going to the L.A Zoo, that is if everything goes as planned in the morning and everyone is on time. I have to go observe Mandrills for 2 hours for my antro lab class.

So as far as freebies and couponing goes, I haven't posted much of them on this blog since I want to keep it more of a penpal/swapbot kinda snail mail blog instead of a coupon savings blog. However, I have received a lot of stuff this past week...
I’ve received something everyday this week. It’s been nice
- Cotton Work textile samples and measuring tape + coupon
-2 Free Suave products. About a month ago I took a survey/quiz thing on the Suave website and won 2 Suave styling products so today I redeemed my coupons and got hairspray and dry shampoo.
-Cerra affirmation cards.  I dont know if I posted this one already but I received it a while ago. Each affirmation card has a different scent. I haven’t opened them…anyone want one? 
-Yogi Tea samples + $1.00 off any two Yogi teas coupon
-John Frieda shampoo, conditioner & hair serum samples
-Splenda Essential samples + $1.00 off coupon
-“The Caffeine Made Me Do It” bumper sticker
-2012 Barack Obama bumper sticker
-Icy Hot Naturals sample +$1.00 off coupon

I'll continue posting my received free samples and deals on my Tumblr

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