April 30, 2012


Saturday was the Lemon Festival in Upland. It was very similar to the L.A. County Fair but at a smaller scale. There were vendors, food stands (mostly lemonade stands) and rides. Everything overpriced of course...$5 for a cup of old fashion lemonade? I don't think so!
I did win a free book, a bookmark, pencils, toothbrush, toothpaste and breath mints.lol. I also won "free" eyeshadow but you had to schedule an appointment with a make-up consultant so she could teach you how to apply it. She said she was going to call today but I gave all fake information ...I just wanted free stuff!
 Upland has an array of Antique stores but most are really pricey. I found the scariest teddy bear doll in one..
 They had elephants. It was kinda sad. I heard that the LA County fair isn't going to be featuring elephants anymore because of animal cruelty. I got to ride one when I was small though.

I had a field trip today to Norton Simon in Pasadena. This was my 100th field trip to this museum (at least it felt like it). They were featuring Japanese woodblocks so that was interesting but that's all. I just had to show up to sign in with the professor and then we wandered away in search of the Fair Oaks Pharmacy we saw on a food related tv show. Turns out it isn't on Colorado Blvd but all the way in South Pasadena. 

Pond at the Norton Simon

 Tim's strawberry soda float..

 My chocolate chip malt milkshake (they also gave me the remainder of the malt from the blender, it was the same size and amount as the one pictured.)...

We weren't expecting such ginormous servings but we somehow managed to finish it all. Next time, we'll probably just share one.

April 26, 2012


In my last post I mentioned I stopped at an antique store on the way back from the Poppy Reserve. Here are some of the cute things I found...

I was so excited when I found these! I had seen a seller on Etsy selling the whole set and they looked so pretty! They are mini tin tea cups. They are missing their matching saucers and were previously used to hold paint/water so the insides have seen better days. I love the bright colors and the bottom...they just don't make cute things like this anymore! ..Plus they were only $1 each!

I usually avoid buying vintage/ already written on postcards since I don't really know what to do with them but when I came across these I just had to have them! They're tourist postcard books set that open up to about 14 different views (back and front) of the featured attraction. They are all addressed "Daddy to Patty, Becky and Bobby". Initially I was only going to buy one but they were $0.50 each so I got them all! Check out how cheap it was to mail these back then! it's over 11x that price now.

speaking of stamps, I also mentioned  www.Yardsellr.com a couple of posts back. I ended up getting 200 international stamps for free! I have finally used up all my free photon$ but it was so worth it. 

 These are my favorite out of all them! Most were from Australia, look at the Snugglepod Cuddlepie ones, o cute! and of course Costa Rica :)

I hope to incorporate them in my mail art and finish covering one of my mail boxes. What other cool projects are there to do with stamps? 

and one last thing...last Friday, my brother wanted to see if anyone actually participated in that whole "Kony 2012" so we went to Claremont Village to walk around and look at what I found! I need to go there during the day when they are open. I want all of them! ...except the chef one, that one was creepy because it's eyes moved. How tacky! LOL!

April 25, 2012


The Poppy Reserve was lacking poppies this year. It was kinda sad, there wasn't the "blanket" of poppies covering the fields. We didn't go to the festival since it was kinda pricey to get in but we did go to the fields and had a picnic.

The best thing about the trip was actually the amazing antique store we passed by. It was an old barn turn into a huge store! I tried taking pictures with my phone so they are not the best quality. I ended up buying a few things, prices weren't so bad. Aside from the scorching desert temperature trapped inside and smell of cat poop (they had cats roaming the store) I LOVED it!

guard kitty that was easily won over with a pringle,

The inside of the store:
Again, very bad quality plus I didn't even know where to start taking pictures...this was only one part of the store. There were about 3 other rooms this size plus little hidden nooks all over the place!

 My momma was way too overwhelmed.

This weekend I'll be going to the Lemon Festival here in Upland. I love all these festivals! 

April 20, 2012


On Saturday I am going to the Poppy Festival in Lancaster. I AM SO EXCITED that I had to paint a picture..

I have been doodling poppies everywhere this week and I was finally feeling inspired to paint, it's been about a year. But yes, I haven't been to the actual festival but 2 years ago I went to the actual fields where the wild poppies grow. Here's some pictures from then,

April 18, 2012


I hate feeling really motivated to send random mail out and not have enough money for postage stamps. One school is over, I'll finally have some money to spend..I least I hope so. I am on a current postcard high. After buying another photo album, all I want to do is fill it up! 

I decided to clear out my greeting card stash and sell it all(well almost all). I hardly ever send actually greetings cards to people. It's always either letters or postcards. I plan on spending all the money from it on stamps.
Currently for sale:
I haven't counted how much it all is but it fills up an entire Flat Rate Mailing Envelope and weighs more than 1lb. Most include matching envelopes but I have included a handful of random sized envelopes for the rest. If anyone on here is interested, I am asking $20.00 shipped ($5.00 goes to shipping).

I am on a current postcard high. After buying another photo album, all I want to do is fill it up! 

Here is a random photo of a random piano I came across tonight,

April 16, 2012


Has anyone ever heard of http://yardsellr.com/ ?
Well I was looking into ways of how to advertise your ebay listings and I stumbled upon this site. It's essentially just another selling community, without the auction part. However, every time you log in or buy something you have a chance on earning "photon$", which are points that can be redeemed for money on the site. I listed a box of books to see if they will sell, they didnt. But I did earn $8.50 in just photon$ by just logging in twice! The only bad part is that they have half lives and you slowly loose your photon$ points/money if you don't use them. I browsed the site for an hour and lost $.50 while doing so. So I panicked and picked out these earrings before I lost all the money,
THEY WERE FREE! I was kinda iffy if I would actually get them but they arrived super fast! They're pretty!
Right now I have $4.00 in photon$ so I'll probably get more stuff. It's just like ebay, you can find anything on there but it doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic like ebay.

I'll probably just use it to get  free stuff :)

April 13, 2012


While going shopping for baby gifts for a baby shower tomorrow, I couldn't help but take a quick peak at the Thrift Store right next to it...not sure if that was a good idea or not. Aside from clothes and random knick knacks I plan on reselling, I found this cool photo album! I can't wait to start filling it up with postcards!

I also found a pack of postcards for only $.85! Who wants Disneyland postcards?!

Oh and I also came upon this super tacky/horrendous cushion. The picture is low quality since it's from my phone but it's a large cushion with a red alligator hide stitched over it. I  can't decide if it was handmade or someone actually paid good money for it. It sure is classy though. I wonder if whoever owned it before got it at Pier 1 imports? 

That is all for today. There's a huge thunderstorm right now so I just feel like being lazy at home. I plan the rest of my day listing new things on my Etsy stores and packing some stuff I sold on Ebay. I have been living off of my Ebay earnings for the last 2 months. It's actually not so bad. 

April 11, 2012


Even though I just remembered that I have to read an entire book, study and write a paper for next week, I felt like taking organizing my USA postcards in alphabetical order and figure out which ones I need to complete my collection.

The states with a stamp means I have a postcard from there,
I currently need:

I would love to trade for any of those states (written and stamped, not in an envelope). I have tons of California (LA/Hollywood, different Beaches and misc. touristy ones).

April 9, 2012


It is officially spring break! Which means I finally get some time to do the stuff I like!

Some of my recent mail art:

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