December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas guys!
My christmas gift to all of you is a very awkward video of me. I decided to do a video blog instead so here it is...

so after watching this video I have realized:
1. I cant make eye contact
2. I sound so different from what i thought I sounded like lol

December 6, 2011


It is almost Christmas! OMG.

I have accumulated way more christmas cards than I actually need but I really need to sit down and start sending some. I have SO MANY different kinds! Hopefully by this weekend everything will get done.

I have one week left of school and I am currently beyond stressed out with final projects. Friday I have to make my way to my partners house again for another photo shoot. This one will involve his friend's band, marijuana and tacky wigs. I haven't decided if I am looking forward to it or not. I just get nervous driving on my own.

Anyways, my mail has been taking a beating recently. All my letters come torn and I even received HALF of an envelope yesterday. It was seriously just a sheet of paper with my address and the sender's address! I am so disappointed  that the 2 oz of stickers that were suppose to be in the envelope are probably scattered somewhere between her post office and mine. I am double disapointed that postage cost is going up again :(
Time to restock on forever stamps.

I need a job really bad. They opened a Hobby Lobby nearby and that place is AMAZING! The closest one before was in San Diego and I had never been but omg. my mom and I fell in love once we walked it....and they're hiring!
For the time being though, since I cant seem to find work and my financial aid is done until next year, my mom and I have started selling on Ebay. So far we have made $500 in one month! It is such easy money but spending a whole day listing things gets really boring.
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