October 2, 2010


I have kinda gone overboard with the amount of Halloween related swaps I have joined on swap-bot. I joined my first whimsey jar swap and it was soo much fun. I cant wait to receive mine.
This is what I created and sent,




I also made a few Halloween cards but unfortunately forgot to take pictures of all them. This one is my favorite though,


I used a decorated paper bag as the envelope since the card was too big to fit in any regular size envy. I think it complimented it pretty good.

I have been active on swap-bot for over a year now and all of a sudden I have been paired up with flakers. This past month, I have been flaked twice. Both members already had bad ratings and were new. It really sucks putting lots of effort on your part of the swap and then not receive anything. I missed out on the Owl ATC and a random fill an envy swap. oh well. Now I will be more cautious on what I join and make sure only experience members with high ratings are allowed.

Havent found much at thrift stores lately but yesteday I found this...

$7.00, new in package and includes manual, peddle and plug. I havent tried it yet but it was marked as working. It is SO cute and tiny. I always hate using my mom's since its so bulky so this one is just perfect and it's Lavender! They had another one in mint green but I decided on this one. The package said it was the Home Shopping Network..I can only imagine how much that person paid for it.lol 

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