February 21, 2011


So it has been a while since I've updating. I decided to take Speech 1A and yoga for the short winter session and it seriously took everything in me to finish. But I am done with the dreaded public communication class and 6 speeches later, I am sooo happy it is over. I think I was lucky enough to take the class with an amazing professor that really brought the class together and made us all feel really comfortable.

Since my time was consumed in organizing speeches and learning yoga poses, I didnt have much time for mail but I couldnt pass up a few Valentine's swaps. These are a few of the Valentine's Day cards I made for a few swaps...




Whimsey Jar I sent,

Whimsey Jar received.

I haven't worked on my journal since I received it. I actually forgot all about it until now so hopefully I can do some pages soon. I have a week off until school starts again and there is so much I want to do but unfortunately I have got a cold. I have started volunteering at the Humane Society but I am not as excited as I was in the beginning...it's just so depressing working there.

Some things I want to accomplish in the near future:
- Make soap!
- work on Wreck This Journal
- Make a crochet blanket. My mom made about 3 or 4 when she was my age and she has passed them down to me so I think it would be nice if I made one for my future children. She was really happy when I told her I wanted to make one.

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