September 25, 2011


I finally got my drivers license..CELEBRATION! It only took me 6 years but I finally did it.  It was hardly a "driving test" because i literally just had to go around the block. No parking or even changing lanes, it was way too easy.
Anyways, now that I have that out of the way. I need to concentrate on how to pay for insurance and gas and since it's more than impossible to find a job right now, I think I am going to start selling my artwork. Maybe I'll start painting today..but first, time to organize my mail. I am about to break into my 4th storage box...

The 3 photo albums are filled with postcards,

I have also started a new shop on etsy. I'll be selling recycled envelopes, paper goods and upcycled items. It'll also be the shop where I would sell my artwork eventually.

I have been in such a good mood lately. It's finally fall! a.k.a BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! October and November are my favorite months. I can't wait for Halloween! It doesnt matter that I will have to miss the actual night due to school,I am still partaking in the awesome Halloween craft activities and stuff. Also, Halloween marks Tim and I's 3 year anniversary. Crazy.

So since it's a new season, why not start a new project? My very good friend Britty has started "Love Yourself October". It's a creative way to appreciate and love yourself more because as she mentions in her blog, everyone is pretty awesome! I think this is a great way to welcome the change of weather and the holidays :)

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