February 14, 2012


                        Happy Valentines Everyone!

I feel sorta bad that I missed out on all the Valentine's Day hoopla and I really love all the decorations and stuff but I have been busy. There's always next year though.

Yesterday was the first day of school. Starting at a new school is so scary and I don't have such a great schedule.
I have to get used to the longer drive and different campus. But the good thing is that on Fridays Tim and I both have class at the same time :)

Between classes I wondered away and found a gold mine of antique shops and found this really cool stamp! LOVE IT!


  1. that stamp is super cool! happy valentines day, love!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day :)
    Thank you for the postcard. I just realized that my boyfriend has a cat that looks EXACTLY like yours and his name is Bugs too. We thought it was pretty cool lol

  3. Hey Joanna!

    I believe we have exchanged postcards at one time or another. =) Hope your mail box is blessed by the wonders of springtime!


  4. this cat is adorable :)
    great post!



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