August 19, 2012


Officially one week left until summer is over. This summer was definitely more laid back and I didn't really accomplish a lot but it still felt nice. no regrets.

I really did a lot of snail mail activities though and that was on my summer-to-do-list....wherever that may be.

There's been a lot of mail coming and going this past week though,


box of buttons and postcard from Mary. I still haven't gotten over how awesome this was!

Thanks Miki for the package, I love the "Keep Calm and Draw On" card!

I wish I could hug every cat! :( lol

 (yes that is a cat ear near the top of the photo)

close up description of the worry doll..

Outgoing mail,

These next two are #49 and #50 of Mail Art 365. I'll try posting more of them as I go making/sending them.

Can you guess why this is my favorite shirt??? 


  1. wow all your mail looks very funny ^^

  2. I love that watermelon paper thing! So cute. As is your postcard shirt! I'm glad you liked the button box so much. <3

  3. Yay! I'm glad you got my little package! And I love your tee ;).

    Have a fun week!

  4. Handwritten notes and cards still carry some weight in society. Some events require a little more effort than needed to send an email. For example, holiday greetings, birthdays, invitations to special events, thank-you notes and other special occasions may deserve more formality than an email.


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