December 19, 2010


So things have been getting better and I have finally found my Christmas spirit and right in time! Christmas is in ONE week!
It has been raining nonstop here since Friday which has everyone freaking out because it's Southern California and that never happens but I think it makes it feel christmasy for once.

I participated in a few swaps this month, one was Little Tote Bag Christmas Swap and it was by far one of my favorites ever!
This is what I sent:

My package included, lip gloss, crafty project things, key chains, socks, candy, stickers, christmas tags, beads and other random stuff I thought my partner  might like. In return I received this,

She sent a cute little purse instead of a tote bag which I thought was very thoughtful. Some of the things were hello kitty markers, gloves, candy, notepads, blank note cards, pens, a hello kitty watch! plus some other cool things. Just amazing.

I received this package a little while ago and I think it was for a give away your junk swap. I was way too excited about the package itself. I love when people pay postage in just stamps...especially international ones.

Speaking about stamps, I cant believe postage is going up again next month! I need to stock up on my forever stamps. Postcard postage is about to be the same price regular first class postage was about 3 years ago. Ridiculous.


  1. Nope! They aren't! It has been denied! I asked my Post Master. And then I found this:
    :D yay!


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