December 20, 2010


I haven't seen the sun since sometime last week. Weather reports say this is only the much rain! There isnt much to do right now since I am off from school and stuck at home. Post office trips are being postponed until I stop being lazy so Im hoping to start something new but I am not sure what. 
Any crafty ideas? I have a whole week of nothing to do and I feel like I am just wasting them away. I love winter but I dont like how short the days are...especially for someone who wakes up at 1pm, I only get 2/3 hours of daylight! 

Random ATC that I made last night. 
"My Grandmother's Flowers" 
Would be happy to trade with anyone!

Our christmas tree this year that is half done because everyone got lazy and gave up on it. 

California's current weather, blah:

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