April 30, 2012


Saturday was the Lemon Festival in Upland. It was very similar to the L.A. County Fair but at a smaller scale. There were vendors, food stands (mostly lemonade stands) and rides. Everything overpriced of course...$5 for a cup of old fashion lemonade? I don't think so!
I did win a free book, a bookmark, pencils, toothbrush, toothpaste and breath mints.lol. I also won "free" eyeshadow but you had to schedule an appointment with a make-up consultant so she could teach you how to apply it. She said she was going to call today but I gave all fake information ...I just wanted free stuff!
 Upland has an array of Antique stores but most are really pricey. I found the scariest teddy bear doll in one..
 They had elephants. It was kinda sad. I heard that the LA County fair isn't going to be featuring elephants anymore because of animal cruelty. I got to ride one when I was small though.

I had a field trip today to Norton Simon in Pasadena. This was my 100th field trip to this museum (at least it felt like it). They were featuring Japanese woodblocks so that was interesting but that's all. I just had to show up to sign in with the professor and then we wandered away in search of the Fair Oaks Pharmacy we saw on a food related tv show. Turns out it isn't on Colorado Blvd but all the way in South Pasadena. 

Pond at the Norton Simon

 Tim's strawberry soda float..

 My chocolate chip malt milkshake (they also gave me the remainder of the malt from the blender, it was the same size and amount as the one pictured.)...

We weren't expecting such ginormous servings but we somehow managed to finish it all. Next time, we'll probably just share one.


  1. Ah! That's a huge milkshake! :-)
    I got confused at first when I started reading this post because I was like "wait, did I read this already?" but it's just because Miki also went to the Upland Festival. http://mikisscrapbook.blogspot.com/2012/04/postcards-of-my-weekend.html

    1. Lol! yes, I just recently discovered her blog and turns out we're practically neighbors lol

  2. Haha, hi, JoAnna and Mary! :p I totally missed the elephant, but to be honest, I didn't look for it very hard. When I went to the festival, there were lots of people (possibly gang members :( ...) gathering by the Kamikaze; it looked as if a fight had been about to start. I don't know it was weird.

    And, yes, everything was overpreiced including the things in the antique stores! :/ I regret not having bought a little something, though. I "almost" tried on a few pieces of clothing in that pin-up store, but I finally didn't.

    I love Pasadena, too! We don't go often enough. I think the last time we went was last yeat to see the taping of The Big Bang Theory and we didn't even go in any store.

    Hope you're having a great day! ;D


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