April 16, 2012


Has anyone ever heard of http://yardsellr.com/ ?
Well I was looking into ways of how to advertise your ebay listings and I stumbled upon this site. It's essentially just another selling community, without the auction part. However, every time you log in or buy something you have a chance on earning "photon$", which are points that can be redeemed for money on the site. I listed a box of books to see if they will sell, they didnt. But I did earn $8.50 in just photon$ by just logging in twice! The only bad part is that they have half lives and you slowly loose your photon$ points/money if you don't use them. I browsed the site for an hour and lost $.50 while doing so. So I panicked and picked out these earrings before I lost all the money,
THEY WERE FREE! I was kinda iffy if I would actually get them but they arrived super fast! They're pretty!
Right now I have $4.00 in photon$ so I'll probably get more stuff. It's just like ebay, you can find anything on there but it doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic like ebay.

I'll probably just use it to get  free stuff :)

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