October 11, 2012


October is trucking a long and I am trying really hard to enjoy everything about it.

The weather is finally changing! It just started raining about an hour ago and we have some thunder too!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about life and I know things are changing. Last night in my meditation/ Dharma education class we learned that everything is impermanent and every second of the day is an opportunity to start a new beginning. Today Tim's mother shared the exact same quote with me. I am taking it as a sign. I feel really positive and optimistic today.

These last couple months have been really hard on Tim and I. I honestly don't think we'll make it to our 4 year anniversary on the 31st. I've been trying really hard to fix things but nothing is working and he's no longer putting any effort. We've been here before but I don't think we can recover from this one. I don't see us getting back together again if we do break up.

Anyways, keeping it positive here are some of my Halloween themed incoming and outgoing mail.
I am finally sitting down and replying to everyone. I have mail from late August that I still have not responded to >.<


The sky earlier today, right before the rain...


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about you and Tim. :-( I like your attitude about life right now, though. And I think that is a good lesson/quote. Also, thank you again for my awesome Halloween envelope.

  2. Aww your outgoing letters look super cute :) I really like them, it seems we both enjoy arts & crafts...! I wish we had more Halloween stationery here, but it's not a thing :

    Honestly I just found your blog by chance, but I know how you feel about your feelings. I had a 4 year relationship as well and it's really frustrating, trust me. If you ever need to talk, you have someone from the other side of the pond who's wiling to help :)

    Good luck with it!

  3. AWE! There's my letter! I can see it! :P You'll get a reply soon. Getting your envelope made me smile! :D

    Hope you're having a nice day!



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