August 22, 2010


Summer vacation has come to an end which means my snail mail adventures will have to take a back seat for a while. I still plan on swapping and writing but not as much or none at all depending on how much work I will have. Although this semester seems like it wont be as hectic as the last. I will be taking Archeology, Art History (prehistoric - gothic), 3D Design and Drawing so it  should all be fun.

I received my first set of friendship books from a pen pal of mine the other day. They look so cool, I really want to make my own one day. I noticed some of the entries in them say ICR, what does that mean? My pen pal provided a list of FB "lingo" but didnt mention what that was.

Last night was the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie showing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was a really nice way to end the summer.

Waiting in line. Everyone was getting drunk...we know now what to bring next time.
It came out blurry:(
Caught tons of orbs which wasnt suprising given that we were in a cemetery thats over 100 years old.
We had good seats, it got packed really fast but we were right in the center so we got to see it clearly. The People in front of us passed out halfway through the movie so they didnt block us. Some girls next to us were making smores! We thought that was rude of them, their lights & candles were really distracting but whatever.

Overall it was an amazing night. We plan on going again for El Dia De Los Muertos in November.

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