August 3, 2010


A couple of postcards, ATCs and other pictures to share.

This first one came from Czech Republic through Postcrossing and yes, she's holding a pigeon! I LOVE pigeons!

Second one is also through Postcrossing, from Thailand.Very cute.

I decided to join another ATC swap since I really enjoyed the last one and I think I am ready to join the big league of ATC making/swapping.
The swap called for cupcake themed ATCs and these are the two I made,

and the two I received,

This weekend Tim and I got in the stencil making mode and we have been making stencils all week. This is the first big one I made and I am currently looking for a tote bag to spray paint it on. I do need to go back and fix it a bit but overall, I love how it came out. I also made tons of small mustache stencils that I havent tried out yet.

Some of Tim's stencils..

I also went on a hunt for a base for another home made hookah and I think I found something that would be great for one. Found it at the thrift store and I seriously thought it was a bong but then Tim confirmed it was a wine ..I still think it was used as a bong since it had a very distinct smell (that I know very well) when i bought it.

This weekend I went to go pick up my film at Target and I was so excited that all the pictures came out great. Here are some of my favorite ones..

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  1. I love those photos. My sister wanted a nondigital camera, so I bought her a fishbowl camera because that was the only (film) camera I could find. When she had the photos developed, she thought something was wrong with the camera, not knowing the photos were supposed to appear that way. Although I explained it to her, she hasn't used it since. :S
    --BrandiAM (swapbot: I'm a Blogger...)


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