June 11, 2012


This was a busy weekend.
Saturday I had a graduation/18th Birthday Party to go to which I wasn't really looking forward to because it was going to be boring but it turned out well. They had a candy bar! amazing and a free photo booth that my mother went crazy and we took way too many pictures. We're still waiting for the company to upload them. Sunday was the annual JPL Open House..it was like Disneyland for nerds. Lines were way too long and not worth the wait.

It was a very good mail weekend though!

Outgoing mail:

 Incoming mail:

 what was inside the package, it was from a swapbot swap.

So this week I made quite a bit of money from my shops. I sold a stack of old books my brother bought at the local library a while ago. While I was skimming through them before I packed them I found this old envelope!
It was from Anaheim, Ca. which isn't that far from here. Look how cheap postage was! It's not even that cheap to send a postcard nowadays!


  1. When I bought all of that vintage postage almost all of the denominations were 20 cents. I feel like the rate for first class envelopes must have been 20 cents for a while.

    Also, will you elaborate on what a candy bar is? I'm giddy.

    1. It's like a candy buffet, All You Can Eat Candy! It was actually set up really pretty but I didn't take my camera..it looked a lot like this picture though, same color theme too..

  2. I love it when you don't feel like going to a party and it turns out to be great :).

    And I love all the cards you got!

    Hope you've started the week with a smile! ;D


  3. I'm in love with your blog ! *-*


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