June 3, 2012


It was yard sale weekend throughout the I.E.
Claremont was having their annual city yard sale next to my brother's school. Unfortunately, it was really empty compared to past years. I still got some pretty cool things. My mother and I usually seek out yard sales for clothes and things we could resell online so most of the stuff I got was to resell. However, I did pick up some postcards at one stand. They were 4 for $.25. I regret not getting more!

Yard sales are also known for all the free stuff people throw out (I'll be driving around the neighborhood tonight to look for boxes that say "FREE STUFF") I got this map for free. I am thinking of using it to mark all the places I get mail from. Also, my cat enjoys sitting on paper and this huge map caught her eye.

 more free stuff, owl recipe cards and a game that looks really complicated and will most likely be used for mail art.

We found a couple of Estates Sales which are always the best! However, the reason why they're estate sales is because the owners are either moving or have passed away. In this case, the lady passed away. They had the entire house open and you could walk in to all the room and EVERYTHING had a price on it. I think we cleaned out the entire house. 
Some of the things I will be keeping to myself,

$2 for all the purses!

Inside of the Minnie Mouse tote was an old ticket stub from the 1989 L.A. County Fair. I thought it was pretty cool since it is also my birth year. It was meant to be.

We also went to another Estate sale where all the had was owl stuff. Owl figurines, owl pictures, owl this and that but they were soo pricey! I did pick up a stack of vintage postcards though...
They're mostly all from Monterey California and nearby areas.

So my momma-in-law also went yard sale hunting and got me buttons! I love her!

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  1. Wow, that's an awesome haul. I never find great estate sales near me. I think I need to look harder. You should totally mark your mail countries and stuff on that map - it would be really cool!


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