June 13, 2012


5 years of being an art student creates a really big portfolio of stuff. At first I thought I had enough to start selling but after sitting down and figuring out what I want to keep, sell, make copies..I realized I don't want to part OR share most of it. Most of my work consist of my animals or I just don't think people would care for it. My paintings are all on large canvases that I am still figuring out how to make prints of. Also, my mother claims all my paintings as hers so I can never sell originals. 
Anyways, here are some that I have decided to let go...

"Eye of the Amoeba" (linocut)

"Fern in Texture" (collograph..or collagraph)

"Solar Flower" (screenprint)

I've sold and given away most of my Matroyshka (Babushka) Prints but I found some more so it's back up for sale...
"Matroyshka" (screenprint)

All my work can be found at:

I'll be adding more throughout the summer.

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