August 15, 2011


Spent the entire weekend up in Big Bear camping with the family and Tim. Camping is fun but I really missed my bed and I was anxious to get back home to check the mail!

Baking while camping..(and my brother setting up his telescope for the meteor shower)
Big Bear Lake

So today I have spent the day relaxing and doing the snail mail thing. Guess where I got this inspiration from? lol. I can't stop laughing at it!


In other news, the samples are coming in!
-Eucerin sample of face lotion and body lotion with 2 coupons ($1.00 off any 1 Eucerin product and $3.00 off on any 2 Eucerin products) 
-Carefree pantie liner sample with a $.50 off coupon on any carefree product


  1. So after I read your post about freebie stuff I googled some stuff and signed up for some stickers and random other things. I already got a weird blue christian rock bumper sticker. So obviously it's working. ;)

  2. yay! try this website: that's where I get all the links for the stuff.
    It's addicting!


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