August 30, 2011


Summer is over (even if the weather says otherwise) and I am back to school. Since I already graduated, I am just taking fun classes to kill time before I get my other stuff in order.
I am taking Screen Printing which I have been wanting to take since I started college! I bought my screen today and made my first print (which I'll post tomorrow because I am too tired). It's going to be so much fun. We will be printing on textiles too! I am also taking Graphic Design which I have always been somewhat interested in so I am dabbling my feet in it and see if I like it. I enjoyed Digital Imaging in high school so we'll see. And lastly, I am taking Anthropology Lab which is one of the last classes I need to be able to transfer but it's only once a week so that's not so bad.

I spent this past weekend catching up on mail, family reunion and being lazy. Too lazy to even go to the post office so my stack of outgoing mail is pretty big. I love when my bag is filled with mail. I love dropping it all in the mail box and then peaking in at it and seeing it all in the drop basket....all colorful and cute. I bet the post office people are used to it

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