May 25, 2012


Finals are just around the corner and I feel like my creative juices are at an all time high. If only I had the time to do everything I want to do!

I have started a summer to do list.

  • Make envelopes and paper crafts to sell
  • Organize my entire room/snail mail to allow for more activities
  • Make more cute things
  • Blog more about mail related things / document my mail more. Mail documenting was the #1 reason for this blog and I hardly ever really do. 
  • Start selling my art. I went a little over board this semester with my prints and made way too many! ..and I still continue making more. There's just so many possibilities in print making, I love it!
  • Paint my drawers. My goal is for them to look like this
  • Buy/make shelves so my stuff isn't always on the floor.
  • Crochet more and learn to knit
  • Start AND Keep a journal/sketch book.
  • Start the "Tim and JoAnna" scrapbook I have been meaning to start for a loong time.
  • Catch up on Mail Art 365 
  • Postcard 365?!
  • Dont be lazy!

Well here's a picture of my Annabel in a grape costume...

1 comment:

  1. This is a great list!! I like the idea of postcard 365.. I might start that!! Keep us updated on your progress. :-)


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