May 31, 2012


If I make it through finals I will make a better post but this post is to distract me from the stress of studying.

Outgoing mail:

This was part of a swapbot swap but I am also counting it as part of Mail Art 365. It is #37

 I haven't made ATCs in a while but decided to participate in a heart shape ATC swap. I still have not mailed it out but I am really proud on how it came out!

Response to a penpal...Also part of Mail Art 365 

 Incoming mail: 
Mail art from the swap on swapbot

 Who doesn't love deco tape?! 

1 comment:

  1. Yeahh deco tape! I love the envelope you sent to Janet. Also, it still freaks me out how later in the year your semesters are. Cahhraazzziee.


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