July 19, 2010


Lots of mail today!

Coming in:

A letter from someone in England, he wrote that he found me on the send us something site and replied to a thread about me but I honestly don't remember what website that is. Its not sendsomething.net. Anyways, it was a nice letter and he included some a few recipes that sound really delicious. 
A letter from Mary, thanks..I will be replying soon.
A postcard from The Peabody, Memphis TN via PostCrossing. LOL, very classy and sophisticated world-famous ducks.
A postcard from my boyfriend's parents who are on vacation in Arizona. Canyon de Chelly.

A closer look at the postcards can be found at my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/apeachylife/

Going Out:

The packages arent as plain anymore, I've covered them in stickers.lol. They're just a couple of things I sold this weekend.
Letters are for a member of Going Postal (http://goingpostal.lunsh.net/) and another is replying to the postcard below that was received from sendsomething.net


Lastly, Received this postcard from Postcrossing on Friday I think. I think it's from Poland.

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