July 26, 2010


This weekend was a busy one and I was hardly ever home so I didnt get to work on anything but I did go thrift shopping (as usual) and I found some really great things,

I Mustache you a question, do you like my new cup?
I LOVE my new tea cup and for $0.30 it was definitely worth it!..even if I dont drink tea or coffee.lol
Next find,

Adorable Solar Power Maneki Neko. It bobbles its head and moves his hand. These usually go for $20 in Little Tokyo and I got it for $0.98 and it was new in its package. Another Maneki Neko for my collection, I have about 40 something now.

Cute cat painting on wood canvas. There's no year on it but it was painted by someone named Cathy Beaty. $1.99

Last but not least, 

So many stickers! It was pretty much a grab bag so I didnt know what I was getting. Most of the sheets have been used but its still a lot of stickers for just $0.30! I love the flower ones and the circle ones in the background are REAL pressed flowers made into stickers.

So that was my thrift finds. I also bought some other stuff for my Etsy which I will be updating tomorrow.

Today my boyfriend, Tim, made his own hookah! He had been wanting to buy a travel size one instead of lugging around his glass one or his 5ft brass one and risking of breaking something. We went to Michaels and found something that looked like it would work as the base and then headed to Home Depot for some other stuff. One hour later, he had created this cute little thing he named "Little Puff Puff",

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  1. ohh nice thrift finds! i love thrift shopping!

    - memtree (swap-bot)

  2. My GOSH! We're the same age!

    Okay, that's not what I was goshing about. X3 I lurve your mustache cups! They are beyond cuuute! I love it! And the neko! Kawaiii! >o<!! I am so jealous. Of your cups & cats.


    PS: Here is my blog; not as cute though, but I hope you like it! igaveuptheghost.blogspot.com

  3. Love the mustaches!!

    Dani aka Doodlebabe


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