July 2, 2010


Lets get started...

This postcard was received through a Swap-Bot swap. The swap called for a postcard from a place you are currently on vacation at. The sender visited Maine and coincidently enough, I went to Maine too! I only saw cows and a couple of moose though since I was there visiting an aunt who owns a dairy farm in Smithfield. I would have loved to see a lighthouse or two.
PC from paflip25

on to the next,
Another Swap-Bot swap. I believe this swap was called "I suck at crafts" or something along those lines. I sent one of my felt donuts which I am actually very proud of. (If anyone would like one feel free to leave your info, I'll gladly send you one)
I received this altered matchbox filled with lucky folding stars. I have never attempted to make one myself since I am unsure on how to actually make one. I wonder if you actually use a real matchbox or simply make one out of cardboard?  Anyways, my partner did a great job I think being her first time and all and I love lucky folding stars! Maybe I'll try my hand on making an altered matchbox soon.

All my snail mail related pictures can be found on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/apeachylife/

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  1. Holy.Crap. I think I just fell in love with you! (Wish is my favorite word ever.) Anddddddd I'm green with envy!


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