July 28, 2010


This post had turned into a huge rant about my weight, driving and relationships but I decided to delete it and keep it a happy post instead.

Lately I have been feeling really uninterested in the things I like to do. I have been wasting my days laying around the house and complaining about how bored I am. Its awful, I hate feeling like I am wasting my time.

What do you do when you are unmotivated?
What is something that inspires you?

This site is helping me come to terms that I will never be a size 0 and that's okay.

No mail to share so I will leave you all with ....

but if you are not into good looking scrawny pale men like I am, here is a ridiculous (& pretty) looking fish...


  1. FYCG!Lol, I think this is my new favorite site :) It made me feel a little better today! :D

  2. glad it made you feel better, it always cheers me up too :)


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