July 7, 2010


I purchased some more envelopes today on a whim, even though i told myself i wouldn't buy anymore. I found some air mail envelopes at the local 99cent store and I have a silly question, I've never used them before but I was told that postage cost more for them since they're considered something like "priority mail", is that true? I dont want to use them unless I know for sure the exact postage on them. Anyways, I just love the classic mail look. If anything, I can just use them as something else.

I also received a loong letter from a penpal in Australia. Im surprised how fast it got here, it was posted on the 4th. Speedy stuff!

unrelated to snail mail - we had another earthquake today (5.4) and I was the only one who didnt feel it!


  1. I feel like that's a valid question and my GUESS is that:

    If you go to the post office and are clear about the amount of postage/priority you want to send an overseas letter, package, etc. then it shouldn't matter what the envelope looks like.

    If you were to send it from your mailbox they might go ahead and assume that it's attempting to be priority mail, but at the same time, if it has the correct amount of postage for first-class mail then I'm thinking that they should still send it regardless of the envelope. I am not positive though...a good question to ask your post office worker the next time you go in!

  2. yeah i think im just going to take one with me next time i go to the post office. thanks though! :)

  3. You can mail from your mailbox with regular first-class postage. Airmail is an antiquated classification, and is no longer a postage cost factor. All international mail is airmail, and much of our domestic mail -depending on the destination - is airmail.

    I send airmail postcards domestically at the regular postcard rate, and airmail envelopes domestically at the regular first class rate.

    I guess there's something to be said for caution if you're worried about it, but I am quite confident in the assertion that in this day and age, it's regular postage.

    Fun envelopes, though - enjoy them!

  4. I agree with MissiveMaven. There used to be different postal rates used according to how mail was sent (airmail vs local or slower by truck, train, etc. - even overseas/international mail could be sent airmail or by boat with airmail being more expensive). I still print "Air Mail" in red on my international letters and postcards. Guess old habits die hard.


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