July 15, 2010


Gosh, I have so much mail to go drop off but I just keep forgetting plus its been way too hot to leave the house during the day. I went out in the late afternoon and it was over 90' degrees with thunderstorms! horrible horrible weather, I hate humidity.

So I finally finished my first ever ATC. I think I like it and I cant wait to start another one.
The butterfly is a temporary tattoo which I love collecting because they always come in handy for creative crafts like this. I was afraid the ink on the pink tissue paper would run because i needed to add a bit of water on the tattoo but it doesnt look like it did. I also used Conte Crayons for the little design thing, they're really chalky so im hoping it doesnt get too smudged before my partner receives is. oh and the actual card used to be a poptart box which i painted with acrylic. I attempted using tempera paint since my brother always uses it for his paintings but failed ...so i covered it with pink tissue paper! lol


Postcard received from Postcrossing. I was pretty active back in 2007/2008 but then I slowly stopped using it but I recently decided to activate my account again.

I went to New York City last month and I didnt see this :(


  1. Nice job on the ATC. I've never made one and am a bit intimidated by the idea of trying. :)

    --BrandiAM (swapbot)

  2. Hello! "HisTechnoAngel" from the Swap-Bot Blogger swap :). What a beautiful ATC! I recently made my first two ATCs for a swap-bot swap and it was very fun! I'm ALSO on postcrossing, too! I have received some very cool postcards :). Have a great day!

  3. wow, you have gotten some beautiful mail. I love that rose/red postcard! I'm one of your swap bot friends, mimitabby.

  4. I hear ya on the heat. I need to drag myself to the post office tomorrow. Today was horrible, and we've had rain off and on, so humidity has become our best (worst?) friend! Beautiful mail, by the way! I love the ATC. I still haven't branched out into that, yet, but I'm hoping to soon. :D

    - Raye (xxpenguinscanfly, SwapBot Blogger Swap)

  5. Okay, that's totally unfair! First of all, I wish the weather was that warm more often here! And second, your first ATC is pretty!!! I remember my first ATC...I can honestly say I wouldn't be surprised or offended if it got traded off to multiple people. Not the best work at all. Thank goodness I've gotten better. Looks like you don't need much practicing though!

    Dani (Doodlebabe, Swap-Bot Blogger Swap)


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